Nic connected to windows domain, wireless card for internet access.

I have a windows domain, in the same building an unsecured wireless network (generic linksys router/access point)  I have a computer, that I don't want joined to the domain but I need to use one printer from our domain, so I join a workgroup named the same thing as my domain and now I can use the resources (printer).  I have to get to the internet, so I plug in a wireless card to attach to the unsecured wireless network.  By this setup, I should be able to print to a printer in my domain (nic) and surf the web via the wireless card.  But I can't, I can print just fine, but no internet, I can set my wireless to ICS and get to the internet just fine, but no printing.  If I do this with 2 nics, everything works.  I know I can get the end results in several differnet ways, I just want to know how to make this work.  Thanks
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http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
remove the gateway from the nic connected the workgroup
How is your DHCP & DNS settings?
Perhaps you should try on Wireles: DHCP (incl. DefaultGateway and DNS)
& on the wired NIC: asign IP + netmask yourself (no defaultgateway)
-eventually make a host entry in host-file for domain-server

Hope this helps
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