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Posted on 2007-08-06
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Last Modified: 2013-12-27

Im using vb.net 2005 to build a smart smart device application. Right now im digging into a sql ce DB and basically sending the data as text via the url.  Just my luck the string gets to long for the url (Its somtime 2600 chars +)

I know there's a better way than to send the data in the URL.  My problem is I don;t know what its called and if I did don't know how to do it since it involves sending the MXL data up to a web site and then
having the website read it and then stuff it into the data  base. I can hadle the data base issues. Its sendig the XML and having the site read it that I dont have a cllue. Can someone send me a good link or a small samble on how to do this.



Dim Sw1 As New StringWriter
Dim xmlWriter1 As New XmlTextWriter(Sw1)

bla bla

            sqlstr = ("Select questionid, answer from resultitems where resultid = " & DRCompleted(0) & " ")
            Cmd2.CommandText = sqlstr
            Cmd2.Connection = SqlCeConn
            DR1 = Cmd2.ExecuteReader()
            Do While DR1.Read()
                xmlWriter2.WriteElementString("qid", DR1.GetInt32(0)) 'questionid
                xmlWriter2.WriteElementString("ans", HTMLReplace(DR1(1).ToString)) 'ans answerid see function HTMLReplace
                xmlWriter2.WriteElementString("rid", SiteResultID1) 'resultid

  TheSTr = URLSite & "ppc_evals/data_in.aspx?UID=" & userid & "&PID=" & Programid & "&resultin="

            TheSTr = TheSTr & Sw2.ToString

            TheSTr = Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(TheSTr, "<", "|"), ">", "*"), vbCr, ""), vbCrLf, "")

            SiteResultID2 = GetWebPageResult(TheSTr)  
Question by:gosonic
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why not use the Session Variable

Author Comment

ID: 19645868
Hi.  I'm not sure what you mean. I know what a seesion var is but not how to use it in this instance
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Session["YourVariable"] = "Whatever";

if(Session["YourVariable"] == "Whatever")
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Yes that part I understand. I don't think were on the same sheet of music though.
The information I have is in a handheld application. I pull it out of the DB and wrap it up in xml.
I want to send it to a wesite/service I have. I've been sending it as a string through the actual URL.
www.mysite.com?mystring=blablabla. The string is to long to send in the url as it excedds (its 2600+ characters.) the url's limit.  So I need to send it some other way. What I 've been reading keeps saying send it as a stream and not in the url.

I hope this makes sense


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Yeah I guess HA.
Not sure.   I need to send it to the webservice from the PDA's embedded application.
It'll be the same as sending it from a desktop application to a webservice.

Any ideas on that one.

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Forced accept.

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