SBS2003 SP2 / CRA Problem = cmp5.tmp

I am attempting to run the CRA wizard on my SBS2003 / SP2 box. We just did a clean install. This machine has had * all * updates successfully applied - that is, no error messages that I am aware of in the logs.

The wizard returns with an error message at the very end of execution, which has been reported in other postings here although none of them seem to apply:
*** Running IExpress to build the package returned ERROR 80004005
*** ERROR: Cannot delete temp directory CMP5.tmp
Specifying error location (in CMAK) returned OK
*** CRRASCommit::CommitCMAK returned ERROR 80004005
*** CRRASCommit::CommitEx returned ERROR 80004005

I do not believe the other solutions apply since SP2 is installed, and there were no other error messages. All other functions were restored through the wizards.

How do I fix this problem? I can confirm - I have no external VPN or web access to my server. The hardware is working properly. The NIC's both have the latest applied directly from the manufacturer's websites.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
This is indicitave of not properly installing SBS SP1 on your server.  Please refer to this question which I just answered that explains what must be done:  http:/Q_22745145.html

Forced accept.

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