Getting a 1611 error "fan solution insufficiant"

I have a Proliant ML310 server. I'm getting a 1611 error on boot up "fan solution insufficient" indicating both the cpu and case fans have failed but both fans are running fine. Cannot get into BIOS as this error occurs first and then the server just reboots and repeats the error.
I have trouble believing that both fans went bad at the same time, especially since they are running at full speed as they should when the server starts.
I tried replacing the fans with (third party) brand new ones and problem is still there. I will replace the system board if need be (surprisingly it's cheaper then the 2 fans from HP!) but want to be sure of a fix first.
The server was running fine yesterday and today, as described.
Can anyone provide some direction or incite on this one?
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nightmare2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at the LEDS near the fans connectors.
There should be at least one that is amber.
I read somewhere that the amperage of the replacement fan should be the same as the failed one.
BCRNJAuthor Commented:
Solution Found! After an hour on the phone with HP tech support they determined that it was the system board, Ordered and replaced the system board and that fixed it. Thanks everyone
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