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One of our departments has a need for software that will send a notification if an email that was sent to them is not replied back to within a certain time period.  We are running Exchange 2003.

I have not been able to find software that will do this. Does anyone know of such software?
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That functionality is definitely not included as standard in Exchange 2003. You would need some advanced VBS scripting or a third-party application to accomplish this, although I've never heard of anything like it out there. Might be worth posting a question over in the VBS Scripting zone and see what the experts over there can come up with.

Alternatively (and I know it's not using Exchange), I would probably end up getting some sort of web contact form running instead (with a backend database) which would be used for contact to the department. All messages would be stored in the database (perhaps a simple notification email sent to the department's Exchange account to alert them to the new message) and a scheduled task could run through the database every hour or so and send an email should there be a message which it flags up as not receiving a reply. You'd need to get a web developer to do that for you, unless you can do web development in some back-end scripting language...
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