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My question is on video cards, say you have 3 monitors, with 3 video cards, 2 have 256mb and has 65mb.  My question is I've heard the the PC video cards only function with the lowest memory card that you have installed.  So, are all three video cards functioning at only 65mb capacity?
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PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you use XP os, then it should be fine to use 3 video cards on same system, but I recommend not to do that. Use dual head video card, or SLI. And yes, the lowest resolution on low card will be your max resolution, and that could be disadvantage for the setup that you want to do.
Are you trying to install all 3 video card on same system?
CSSTRADERAuthor Commented:
yes, It is one system with three cards already installed on it. but I am seeing graphics issues with streaming programs and I'm wondering if the system is only maxing out the 65mb card and holding back the two 256mb cards.
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