Old website still being displayed. Flush DNS on the domain controller to fix the problem?

Our new website for our company is up and running and can be viewed from outside the company domain on any computer.  When viewed inside the domain (in the office) the old web site come up.  Is there a way to use ipconfig /flushdns on the domain controller (also the DNS server too) to fix the problem.  I wanted to ask first before using the command on the server so I didn't break more than I fixed.  Thank you for your help.
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Two part question:
-Is your server domain name the same as your external domain (do both domains end in .com)?
-Did your webserver IP address change? Is your website now hosted on a different server?

If your answer is yes on both of these then you probably just need to change a DNS setting on your Windows 2003 DNS server.  Login to the server and open the DNS Manager. In the forward lookup zone you will probably see an entry for "www" that points to an IP address.  Edit the entry and change the IP address to the new webserver.
Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

Try "ipconfig /displaydns" first to check, if old IP is actually in client resolver cache. Flushdns can not break anything. What you have to do is to use nslookup on your server, to see if your new website is correctly resolved. If not, you might want to check DNS cache and if necesary clear DNS cache with the following command "dnscmd /clearcache".


Kevin AleshireCommented:
You may have to clear your Temporary Internet Files as well if you have it configured.
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