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I'm just learning Sharepoint 2007 and trying to figure out the extent of its capabilities. Since it uses a SQL Server backend I'm wondering if "lists" can be structured as "Master-Detail". A lot of the templates seem to effectively be doing this, i.e. linking together on a common id, but I'm wondering if its being implemented in the underlying template code because when I create "lists" the only relational thing I seem to be able to do is create a "lookup" field.

Any help would be appreciated. I've gone through a couple of books but they don't seem to address this issue directly. Maybe the only way to get "relational" lists is to do custom ASP.NET programming?


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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Lists in Sharepoint 2007 are not intended to be a abstraction for managing relational data.  As you found yes you can relate lists using a lookup field but it is a very simple solution.

I'm not sure if you are using WSS 3.0 or Sharepoint Portal Server 2007.  If it is SPS 2007 the enterprise version has the BDC (Business Data Catalog) for displaying relational data quickly and easily.

Otherwise yes, you must write your won custom web parts.
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