Need help restoring backup database.

I have been charged with restoring a database to an ADSM Backup Server.
The ADSM software is running on an IBM RISC6000
a) AIX4.3.3.
b) STORServer V4.2.2
c) DBBackup tape is available

When the command "dsmserv restore db devclass=8mm volumename=000336 commit=yes" is issued the system runs a process and stops when accessing the tape. The system displays the message :ANR8468I 8MM volume 000336 contains an invalid identifier.
I read an articular about changing the tape label but was cautioned that this would cause all data on the tape to become inaccessible.
Has anyone encountered this problem and is there a solution to the mess that I am currently working with?
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I am not familiar with the software you're using, nor with backup/restore on AIX, however, I know that if you have the space required, you can run dd from the tape device to a disk space (could be a large file) for each track until you have a complete copy of your tape. Running dd the other way around would restore the data on the tape *as it was*.
This might assist you with taking a decision here.
Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi Jose,

It appears that you have a bad tape.  You might check to see if any of the recovery processes work on the tape, but I suggest that you NOT modify the tape label unless specifically directed to do so by IBM support.

There is a discussion forum at that is dedicated to Tivoli and related products.  There may be someone there with better ideas about this kind of recovery.

Good Luck,
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