Backup Exec Service Failing To Start

Windows 2003 server (32bit) SP2
Just upgraded from Backup Exec 9.1 to 11D.
After upgrading the "Job Engine" service will not start and gives an error "The dependency service or group failed to start. 
And the "Remote Agent for Windows Systems" will not start and gives an error "The service did not start due to login failure."

The following services start automatically with no problems:
Agent browser
Device and Media Server
Exec Server.

I have verified the login credentials on at the user server level for the account.  I have gone into the Backup Exec Services Manager and reset all the credentials under "Services credentials"

I am not sure what is causing these services not to start.

Thank you in advance.
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thur6165Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you going into services under administrative tools and checking there?  When you go into the properties of the Remote Agent service and selecting the log on tab you have credintials there as well.
CappperAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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