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RootDNSServers deleted/missing

I was having issues with resolving external host names. I followed instructions on KB249868 article afterwards I found that the RootDNSServer container in AD was not recreated and I am still having external name resolution problems. I cannot get to CNN.com in particular by name but can reach by IP.

I have a Windows Server 2003 AD Domain with SP2. We use W2k3 DNS servers using Root Hints to resolve external DNS. No event errors and most sites resolve fine.

My Questions:

1.Is RootDNSServer container in W2k3 necessary?
2.How can I recreate this container?

3 Solutions
1) Not an ABSOLUTE must, as your article states if it doesn't find them in AD it will check the cache.dns. But I wouldn't stop until they are recreated!

2) When you look at the properties of your DNS server, on the Root Hints tab are they all listed??
If not I would start by manually recreating them there. In the form of a.root-servers.net / b.root-servers.net / etc......IP addresses can be obtained here http://www.root-servers.org/
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Make sure you do not have a root domain '.' (root) defined in DNS. if you have delete it as it will prevent any external name resolution. Ithe onlt exception is of tou are using an internal proxy server)

Using forwarders to point to your ISPs DNS server(s) is much more efficient that root hints so I would change that.
Chris GralikeSpecialistCommented:
By default the Object type "container" cannot be created by hand. They are default objects created on installation. What you might try is to execute a "ipconfig /Registerdns" on the server that has the dns role assigned to it.

The AD Container: CN="RootDNSServers",CN="MicrosoftDNS",DC="Domain",DC="TLD" is maintained by the dns server. And describes the object type dns-node. A work arround might be to "forward" all queries to some other dns zone (ie your provider). But im not sure how "trustworthy" your dns will be without these entries... Not quite sure what the impact is of loosing them, never seen them deleted before...

Also you might want to try and enter the root servers manualy in the DNS Management MMC plug-in.

You can also go into the DNS properties > Root Hints tab > click the copy button > select a known DNS server (you can use your ISP if it is allowed) IP address. This will create the entries. In some cases I have found that the ISP includes UNKNOWN IP Address entires; delete these and also delete the reference to your own DNS server from this table. If you stop and restart the DNS Server service the Root Hints that were copied above are writtne to the DNS Cache file on the server.
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