error 1316 trying to install symantec fix tool

All of a sudden my norton says auto protect off and when i go to tun it on it says error i also get and error that says Error: "Auto-Protect experienced an unexpected error. 0x000003E8" (3035,1)
well i follow the prompts and it takes me to Symantec website to download a fix tool.  I save it then run it and then i get an error that says Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file c:\documents and settings \ something.msi so i cannot fix my original problem.

any ideas?
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There are actually two very similar error messages on the Symantec website, and I believe that the fix tool you downloaded may be for the OTHER error message, not yours.  If you look at the end of your error message in brackets you see (3035,1) which corresponds to a knowledge base entry recommending that you download and install an updated version of Norton Anti-Virus.  See this:

If the error message ends with (3035,6) that leads to the "Run the fix tool" solution that I suspect you found.  I don't know if that fix tool would help or not, but the previous solution looks like an exact match to your error message.

I just downloaded the update file to check what version is supplied:  ithe file is  NAV071420.exe, described as file version, "Norton AntiVirus for Windows XP/Vista", product version 14.0.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
There have been a lot of questions posted about this in various forums, but no helpful answers.

This error occurred with XP after an upgrade when the msi was pointing to an incorrect location.
A similar situation is referred to here regarding errors 1606 and 1316:

You may need to uninstall Norton and reinstall it. Norton is notoriously difficult to uninstall successfully. They provide a cleanup tool here to use after the uninstall.:
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