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Replication of files on small NAS to remote Computers

I need to replicate files back and forth from a NAS on the LAN to several remote computers.


We have Novell iFolder which synchronizes files between the main work station and two single workstations in two other locations.

The office has gotten busier. There are now three computers sharing the same files.  Windows personal file sharing hasn't been reliable, so we have placed all these files on a NAS.  The NAS now works fine, but iFolder won't synchronize the NAS, since it's not on an internal drive.

For the moment, I am using Retrospect to do the sync between the NAS and a local folder, and then iFolder synchronizes with the other two computers.  I have two Retrospect scripts that duplicate only if the source file is newer - my thinking is:

A newly added or changed file on the NAS will be placed on the local drive, and 'handed off' to iFolder for the remote sync.  If something changes remotely, it will be replicated back to the local drive, and there is a Retrospect script that will recognize the new source file on the local drive, and then duplicate that file on the NAS.

It would be nice if there's a version of iFolder that would synchronize the NAS. The owner has been using iFolder for years, and is happy with it.  If there is another replication system, I am sure that they would use it, as long as it worked invisibly and reliably as iFolder has.

What solution is there for this scenario?

Thanks.   -  Larry

1 Solution
I guess it depends on the NAS.

Can this NAS also be a used for SAN, with iSCSI connectivity, and mounted as an NSS volume?

If it's a simple standalone NAS, I'm not aware of a way to use iFolder to go against it.

You don't mention what version of NetWare it is, or what licensing model (redbox/vla/cla, ela, govt/charity or Small Biz) but if it's NetWare 6.x, you could've added another server, under most if not all licensing plans, at no extra licensing cost and not have this dilemma...

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