Can't Browse a GPO in Domain-SYSVOL-Policies as a regular user

I'm receiving the error 1058 saying -Windows cannot access the file gpt.ini for GPO cn= etc/etc. The file must be present at the location <\\domain\SysVol\rosenet.loc\Policies\{4B08E718-921D-46DD-976A-CBD939328A18}\gpt.ini>. (The system cannot find the path specified. ).  But, on my PC it shows up when I use Windows Explorer to browse for this Group Policy.  And of course the "software installation" policy installs the application just fine.  Yes I'm domain admin, but when I logon as D.A. to another users PC that has been placed in the same OU, his PC is unable to be used to browse for the policy and the GPO process is aborted.

We have other DCs, could I be looking at one and his computer the other?  This policy has been configured for a couple weeks now, so I'd think it would have replicated around.  Also, our AD admins did upgrade to 2003 AD last week.  But, I never made it to testing out this policy on other computers to say it was because of the upgrade, and it still works on my PC just fine.

Also, Error 1030
Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects.
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Looks like there are several things that can cause this.

Here is a good link that will most likely help.  Especially the second entry.
Also, look at Mark Manasi's entry about 1/2 way through the page.
danfiggolfAuthor Commented:
What I found out is we have VLAN open to all of the City's departments and another VLAN for Police only.  You can browse the City's shared objects [PCs/Printers/Shares/etc] on both VLANs, but the //domain/SYSVOL/../Policies/GPO(I created) doest not show up in Police VLAN when you browse from a Police PC.  Only when I go to a non-PD PC can you see the GPO.  
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