Microsoft, Windows Media Player, 11, codec required to play a specific .wm file

I am trying to play a few .wm files all made on the same originating computer in Windows Media Player 11, but get an error about a codec required to play the file is not found, click to download it from the web.  I checked out the two computers Plug Ins in Media Player and found the originating computer has a .WVC1 codec installed in the renderer plug in from a web cam.  The .wm files do play (obviously) on the originating computer.  I tried to download the .WVC1 codec online, but failed to load it into Media Player 11.  How do I know I have the right codec and how do I install it on the destination computer?  
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yes try renaimg it to wmv.
I lost my isp for a day sorry for the late reply.
try dropping it on gspot
gspot is a codec utility and will let you know what format the file is and if your missing any codecs.
are these wma or wmv ?
media player clasic and vlc are better players.
Try installing four cc
here the full codec package shoudl cover you for everything you should even play dvd after this one.
It includes media player classic
VLC player
windows media encoder

WVC1, also known as Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, implements a more recent and fully compliant Advanced Profile of the VC-1 codec standard. It offers support for interlaced content and is transport independent. With the previous version of the Windows Media Video 9 Series codec, users could deliver progressive content at data rates as low as one-third that of the MPEG-2 codec and still get equivalent or comparable quality to MPEG-2. The Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile codec also offers this same improvement in encoding efficiency with interlaced contents.
Encoding software
Windows Media Encoder 9 Series encodes VC-1 compliant video files, including WVC1 FourCC media. Windows Media Format 11 Runtime or Windows Media Player 11 must be installed on the computer to ensure full VC-1 compliancy across all 3 profiles (Simple, Main and Advanced).
If either of these are installed, Windows Movie Maker can also save VC-1 compliant videos, as can any other application built on the Windows Media Format SDK or Windows Media Codec DMOs.
 A Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition was initially announced for professional encoding but later cancelled by Microsoft. Microsoft Expression Media Encoder which is part of Expression Media and Expression Studio is aimed at encoding VC-1 (WMV9) video for Silverlight streaming experiences.
ehessAuthor Commented:
I installed the media player classic, got this error when I tried to play files.

E:\07-30-07--26.wm::Raw Stream 0

Media Type 0:

majortype: Unknown GUID Name {3CCC5A7C-8700-4F42-95CB-B24255CEF433}
subtype: TIME_FORMAT_NONE {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
formattype: FORMAT_VideoInfo {05589F80-C356-11CE-BF01-00AA0055595A}
bFixedSizeSamples: 0
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 0
cbFormat: 88

I then installed the VLC player, but nothing played, nor did I see any errors.  Still no success in playing the files.  I noticed on the CD the files have .wm extensions, could this be part of the problem, not having 3 digit extensions?  

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