Block unvalidated IPs in port comparing with IP table from Database.

I have a gameserver runing at windows 2003 server. Al client have to log in ms sql server expesific table in order to get validade login. In this table system keep informations as IP adress, time log in and time log out. The problem is that some guys have exploited my game server and they can enter in port 10009 (oficial port of game server) withoud login in database. So this guys are hacking my games. My Idea to prevent this is make an aplication that can read all connected IPs in port 10009 and compare with logged ips in database and, finaly, disconnect hackers and block this IPs that are not validated in database. I dont know any firewall or application that can do this and maybe I will need to make it. I just know delphi and aps language. But if necessary, I can learn others like visual basic. Do you know if DELPHI has some plugin or method in order to disconnect one IP in port 10009? If Delphi cant, do you know from where can I start?
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limpamesaAuthor Commented:
Maybe this solution can be good but I can't see it. = HTTP 404 Page Not Found 404.php = Not Found = The page cannot be found
I have seeing delphi has a tsock server/client component but I'm not sure if it can be used to block IP from especific port.
Thanks but I cant see any solution or idea until now.
limpamesaAuthor Commented:
Well. After some days, I have find a developer and this guy made this program to me.
Thanks for every help.
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