Using quickreport reports outside of exe

Is there a way to use my reports, created with QuickReport save as single files, or better, all saved in a dll... for loading at runtime to calculate, preview and print them?

By this way, i can have an exe with a reduced size, and if i have to update my application on clients, i do not have to worry of reports. Or if some report change, i do not have to update the whole application.

Thank you all
Martin BarredaLic. in Computer ScienceAsked:
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ReadComponent function of a stream can load a component from a file.
Like that using WriteComponent we can write a component to a file.

First Crerate a file containig all quckreport components.
From your program Load this file.
yes you can create your reports on a DLL file. check out the following for a tutorial on creating a DLL. adding quickreport to the dll is just the same as when adding it from an EXE file.

or you could try rave reports in which you can just store a report to a rav file.
Martin BarredaLic. in Computer ScienceAuthor Commented:
Sorry, can´t get the time to test any solution!! and really i will never try it as i change my mind... for a while. :)

Both seems to be logically fine. So i will split points between you, as i think there is no really reason to ask for deletion of the question.

Third, please, answer me this, as i have a LOT of reports done in QReports... is there a way to export them to RaveReport? or it has to be made by hand?

Thank you both
no, i'm afraid you will do it by hand.
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