Problem installing Symantec Live Update

Hi people, recently I had a workstation running SAV CE 9.0 which is corrupted. Seeing that it's corrupted, I had totally removed version 9 and install the latest SAV 10.1.5. The installation went fine except that I noticed that the Symantec LiveUpdate isn't installed at all, so I tried running the LiveUpdate setup again from the CD. Same result, the installation started but nothing is installed.

Downloaded the current version of LiveUpdate 3.2 from Symantec and tested again. Still nothing, the installation starts and finishes as if the installation is complete.

Can anyone help me with this problem, it's causing problem as the user hate to do manual update.

The system affected is running on Windows XP Pro SP2
Let me know if anymore information is needed

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In addition to my previous trial and error methods:
1. Make sure that you also delete Symantec or Symantec Antivirus folders in C:\Program Files
2. Create new local user with admin rights (ie. Newadmin)
3. Delete old profiles (Log on as NewAdmin, then delete all profiles in C:\Documents and Settings, except "All Users", "Default User" and "Newadmin". MAKE SURE to BACKUP personal data from old profiles before DELETE.
4. Reinstall NAVCE 10 and test if it works or not.

5. If it still not work, follow 1-8 in previous answer, then 1-3 in this answer. Start - Control Panel - Add or Remove programs - Add/Remove Windows Components - Try to install a few new Windows components (Make sure you have XP setup CD). This is to hope that windows installation will repair a few damage registry keys.
6. Reinstall NAVCE 10 and test.

Second to last resort is to Boot with WinXP CD and repair Windows (not recovery) in the hope that it will repair the registry. Then install NAVCE.

Last option is .... you know what to do.... reinstall Windows and stuff. Hope you don't have to go this far.
This is a trial and error procedure:
Method 1: Manually run Live Update
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Run file C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\VPDN_LU.exe
3. The Live Update windows will appear. Click Next and wait for the computer to get the updates from Symantec. Then Finish.

Method 2: If method 1 is not working, then you have to remove everything related to Symantec Antivirus 1. Run Control Panel - Add or Remove programs - Symantec Antivirus - Click Remove and follow the prompts.
2. Switch back to Add or Remove Programs, locate LiveUpdate 2.0 (Symantec Corporation) or anything similar to that and press Change/Remove - Try to remove it and everything that related to Symantec Antivirus. If you can't remove it, don't worry about this at this time. Leave it (Add or remove programs) open for later use.
3. Open Registry Edit: Run - regedt32
   Note: Back up the registry before playing around with it: In the Registry Editor windows, right click on My Computer - Export - C:\winbackup.reg - Press Save. Make sure you have the Windows XP installation CD. In case anything goes wrong, you can restore back from your C:\winbackup.reg.
4. Edit - Find - Type in "LiveUpdate" without the double quotations. Make sure that there are three check box in Keys, Values and Data. Press Find Next.
5. For each result with something related to Symantec or LiveUpdate, just delete the item (on the right window panel, the one that is highlighted when found.)
6. Press F3 to find the next item and keep delete it until you reach the end of registry where you can not find any more.
7. Edit - Find - Type "Symantec" and delete anything that related to Symantec Antivirus.
8. Restart the computer.
9. Reinstall NAVCE 10.
10. Restart after installation complete. THIS IS A MUST.
11. Check the update.

Hope this will help you.
denverluAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for responding. I have already manually removed everything including the liveupdate prior to installing NAVCE10. Have used the Norton Removal Tool to clear everything and manually scan thru the registry for any un-removed key as well.
denverluAuthor Commented:

actually I had even tried installing it with the administrator account, I was hoping not to reach that stage of reinstalling Windows and stuff. Hence the question here, anyway could try the Windows repair first.

Hope that works, will give it a shot probably this Friday when I'm there.

Forced accept.

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