Setting up SBS 2003 to allow a web designer to upload his web page


I have a client with a server running SBS 2003... they host their own web page on their server... recently they have had a web designer make a new web page for them... the web designer would like to be able to upload their work directly up to the server using FTP...

Can someone please tell me how to set this up... or point me to a well written how-to article that will step me through this... also, what port(s) do I need to forward on my firewall for FTP on SBS?

Thank you in advance for your help.

-- Duncan
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you also have an edition specially for sbs:

but, what is more important is the fact that you will publish a website on the sbs server itself!, NOT a good idea.
It is not recommended to make the sbs server a webserver, that is a big security hole.
You'd better let the client host the webserver on another server like hostbasket,....
here nice article for you with step by step..

Duncan007Author Commented:
I will look into these articles later today...

suppsaws - I agree with you that it is not a good idea to not to host the web page on the sbs server... it was setup this way by this clients former IT guy... do you think I should move the web site off of the server to a hosting company like GoDaddy or the like?
you defenately should, it will save you alot of trouble in the future.
Duncan007Author Commented:
Thank you both.

I have decided to move the web page off of the server and let someone else host it.
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