Backup Exec 10d New Selection List - No Graphical View

Im trying to create a new backup selection list and the graphical view is just bare.  It shows only the following:-

-   <Server name>
      - Local Selections
      - User Defined Selections
      - Remote Selections

I cannot select anything from this and nothing expands etc

Also, when i try to edit a previous selection, the same appears, completely blank and void of any selections, bar the brief descriptions above.  If we go into Text Mode, everything is in there as it should.  Also Resource Order and Resource Credentials show the drives/components which are being backed up.

Any ideas bar uninstall / reinstall?

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Check that DNS is working.
2) Check the 3 event logs for issues
3) Reboot the server and make sure you have all the latest patches.

When did this work the last time ?

Also I think that there is a Text mode that you can use instead of the GUI.

I hope this helps !

Under which account is the "Backup Exec Remote Agent" service started? You may want to change it from Local System Account to a Domain Admin account, or vice versa.
If this does not help you may want to put this service in debug mode - the log may have some further information (
blueapacheAuthor Commented:
Even though I had done this myself it turned out to be the correct answer!

Install any updates and reboot server.

Thanks everyone!
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