OWA 2007 new theme not showing up in OWA

I created a new theme in OWA\current\themes called test and brought the correct giff files and .css files over and edited the gif files.  The theme xml file was even tweaked to reflect the new theme name (although this is not necessaary as I have read that meerly creating the folder in the themes foler will create the corresponding theme name in the appearnce options of OWA.  I restarted IIS and cleared out my temp files on my computer and still I only see the 2 standard themes available...seattle sky and carbon.

Any idease or tips to get my new company banner to show on OWA?

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ATIGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a note SP1 changes the CSS and will cause problems with your theme unless you edit it with SP1 bits.


You should only have to do an IISreset, but if you bounce the box you should be OK.

If it still does not work you skipped some steps.

Did you createa folder in the theme directory for your theme?
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