What is the best flash based MP3,WAV,DAT,etc Music player?

Dear all,
I am building a website where the user can uploads their own audio and then played it on the web. What's the best and widely used flash based player that can play multiple different types of music file: eg. wav, mp3, dat?
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I recommend a few... All are good, so have a look and just pick the one that looks like it will work best for you:

FYI, Flash is capable of dynamically load MP3 files...  You cannot do the same with the WAV or DAT file...

kecoakAuthor Commented:
I dont think it played any type of files such as DAT of WAV. In that case, do you know any linux server based open source audio conversion program that can convert a DAT or WAV into MP3 Format?
I believe FFMPEG 'could' do the job for you...
You'll get more information from its mailing list if you have further question...


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