Help with reinstalling 2003 server

I need to reinstall Windows 2003 server to a disk problem. I need to save as much time as possible. Is it possible to salvage parts of the existing installation? For example, can AD and GP be exported somehow? Any other tips?

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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
If you do a system state backup with Windows Backup this will save both AD and the SYSVOL folder.

Of course the best option of all is to have a second Domain Controller, you can then just DCPROMO a new machine and these will be replicated to it from the existing domain controller automatically.

If you have Two domain controlers, then check which one has the FSMO roles and transfer these roles to the other machine and

You can then run DCPROMO on the machine to be re-installed to remove active directory. Then you can zap it, reinstall windows and run DCPROMO again to make it a domain controller once more.
Jason210Author Commented:
The second option sounds good - but not following completely that last paragraph. Also, what do I do with Group Policies?
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