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Exchange mail delivered to the wrong users

Exchange is setup to collect mail from a global mailbox and deliver to the users. The problem is that mail address to Allen Pike (allen@abc.com) and cc: Colin Rud (colin@xyz.com) is ending up in Allen Pike (allen@abc.com) and Colin Mug (colin@abc.com) mailbox. My domian is abc.com and not xyz.com, how can i stop this ?
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Is xyz.com also part of your internet domain?
does the global smtp server sort your emails?

is it just a temporary holding server storing the emails in SMTP default format? (ASCII?)
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The best way to stop this is to stop using the POP3 Connector and configure Exchange as an SMTP server so that it can work as it was designed to operate.

The POP3 connector is really only included as a temporary tool to assist you in transitioning to SMTP email anyhow.  The way that it works with a global mailbox is that it parses off the names before the "@" and rewrites the headers... so in your example, Colin is going to get the other guy's cc'd messages unless you change Colin's email address to comething like ColinMug@abc.com.  But, if you're going to make any change, as I've already stated... just change over to SMTP email and you won't have to worry about Colin's email... not to mention that Colin or Allen won't have to hold up their work while waiting the 15 minutes for that important customer email to arrive!

For info on how to switch to SMTP email, please see http://sbsurl.com/pop2smtp

I do see that you've listed your Time Zone as Western Africa, so please forgive me if my answer sounds easy as long as there is a "good" Internet connection... but SMTP email can even work with a dial-up Internet account and will still be better than POP3!


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