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How can I add an email signature on server 2003 SBS (Exchange 2003) on all out going email.  Not from the client side, but so its automatically attched from the server when an email is sent out.
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Its a lot more difficult without 3rd party tools but take a look at this : -

How to add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic
Do you mean you want a disclaimer on all outgoing mail?
Exclaimer will auto generate email signatures based on AD information -

mercuryukAuthor Commented:
Is there anyway of adding a disclaimer without going through a third party? or using third party software?
There is an event sink floating around (could be the same, or similar to what mass2612 posted) but this is a) nowhere near 100% accurate, and b) only a disclaimer and not a signature (which means that it is static, and will be the same for everyone.

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