sitemappath working querystring

i have details page that takes parameter through previous page. How can we dynamically generate sitemappath based on the querystring parameter. I have tried msdn but suggested solutions is confusiing and it  did not work for me. Any other solutions ?
Thanks in advance
I am using with vs2005
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mmarinovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello mmalik15,

Why do you need this? Can you give some more information

mmalik15Author Commented:
I am using a Master page where i have a  sitemappath control that show the breadcrumb on every page using information in web.sitemap. Now i have a page within application that has employee detail hyperlink colum and it takes a parameter through query string. I need to show breadcrumb on that page dynamically e.g.
Home >> Employee Management >> Edit Employee >> Craig Stewar or id 27305 like this. Now the  last node is coming throgh the query string and i have list of thousands of employees. i need to set it up dynamically.
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