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Setting up a home file server

I have an old box with XP pro on it.  It runs a 2.5 celeron and has 512mb ram and a 120gb HD.  I want to turn this into a file and media server.  I currently have two other computers, a desktop and a laptop both running XP pro with the lappie connecting wirelessly through a belkin G router.
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Zuhir ElgmatiCommented:
can you explain your Q please ? what you want exactly ?
>  I want to turn this into a file and media server.  

Windows XP allows folder sharing, so you have a file server already.
To make it media server you may install VideoLAN www.videolan.org/ (that can be both client and server) for media streaming.

If you have strong intension to install Linux, you may choose some 'easy' distribution like Ubuntu and begin with it.


One option that's pretty good is freenas.  It supports bookoo protocols:


Another one that I use often is OpenFiler at:


Either is amazingly good, supports Windows, Linux, RSYNC and more.

Good Luck,

- gurutc
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
If you want to share files in a windows XP workgroup (what you want to setup) you need to do the following

1) Ensure all the computers are in the same workgroup, if you did not change the workgroup name then this should alredy be done
2) Turn off simple file sharing on the computer you want to use as the file server, simple file sharing is the exact oppiset and always causes problems
3) The same users need to exist on all computers; i.e. username bob password password on one computer must be on all
4) Just right click on the file/ folder you want to share and select sharing or properties
5) You can then connect to the folders from the other computers at \\computername\sharename (\\computername should return a list of all shares)

I have this same setup as well.  XP pro as a file server.  If you dont care about secrity, I would format it as fat32 so u dont have to worry about permission and login issues

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