Text starts from right to left Word 2003

I'm an IT tech over here in Iraq. Had a user pick up a lagtop from Baghdad and she removed the Language Aribic but it always started a new word document from right to left. The only fix I could come up with was to toggle Left ALT + Shift + 0 as if there were still two Languages within the Control Pannel Regional settings.

Ok now a month ago I had a user a with similar problem and he always struggled at creating a Word document since it started from right to left. Well the ALT shift  didn't work and while I was in Word I found the settings that had Engish and Aribic was grayed out and it took me awile to figure how to make English the default and thus I could then remove Aribic all together and then opening up a new word document all was good where it then typed left to right. I then went over to the girls laptop and corrected it on her machine.

Now here is the problem I have a third user and it's been over a month since I did this and I can't seem to find out where that setting is at in Word. It's not in the obovious place under Tools and Language, So does anyone know where I was at and belive me I'll do some screen shiots this time.


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In Word 2003, "Set Language" should be under Tools-->Language.

If you cannot find it there and are using Windows XP...

"In Microsoft Windows XP, on the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings"
daniels48Author Commented:
That was it that was where I was before just couldn't remember. Thanks, now tell me how that gets changed? I suspect maybe he had Arabic and somehow toggled the setting and then I removed the reginal setting and still needed to do this setting I bet. Anyway I had been racking my brain trying to remember where that setting was at...

Thanks Again
No problem.  

Changing the regional settings can certainly mess up the settings in Office.  By default, Office uses the Windows language settings.  This, however can be chnged so that Office will always use a particular language, even when the regional Windows setting are changed.  In this case, if you changed the regional settings to English, you would have to change the Office settings seperately.
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