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I have a PC working with XP 2002 . I have some important files which are infected by Generic Delphi Virus/Trojan showed by my McAfee antivirus. McAfee goes to delete all my infected files. How can I clean my files from virus infection without deleting or quarantine or losing them?

your kind response will be appreciated
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legalsrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click the VirusScan Icon in the right hand side of the task bar and choose VirusScan Console

right Click On Access Scan and choose Properties

Then go to All processes, Actions and then Choose Clean as the primary action and delete for the 2nd action

 Which files are infected?  In general a virus or trojab represents executable code.  If this code has become attached to a Delphi based EXE, just recompile and it will remove the infection.  If this is not your case you will need to be more specific.  As an example, if McAfee is recognizing your corse files as infected then it is simply a mistake as source files are not executable.  Let me know.
oops (corse = source)
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KhashayarNaghshinehAuthor Commented:

As I have mentioned, on the infected PC (without any antivirus program), files are working properly but

when I try to transfer them to a clean PC with McAfee, they change to EXE files with less volumes and

useless!, McAfee deletes them as soon as my memory stick inserts in system.

You have asked about the kinds of files. Most of them are adobe 3D-Max 8 and photoshop CS files.

thanks for your concern
 I am familiar with some of the Adobe products, is there any scripting in the files?  McAfee would recognize the scripting and possibly identify the files as a virus that way.  I think you could try reducing the security level of McAfee to allow scripting and see if that helps.  You should also be able to set the McAfee to not auto delete the files.  That way you can scan them and see what it believes the virus is.  Posting the exact text of the virus name could help too.

  Either way I would contact McAfee and talk to them.  They have been helpful to me in the past.  From what you have written it does not sound like a problem involving Delphi.  The problem is in trying to mix your adobe files with your McAfee environment, and the solution will be found there.

  Let me know when you have more ifnormation for me.
Some viruses take advantage of system restore. Try turning off system restore and removing the virus. If that doesn't work get a virus specific removal tool. Example: if your virus is the Sasser worm get a sasser removal tool. you can find them by Googling it.
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