Unable to ping but all other network connectivity is UP

I have a windows 2003 network and computers are getting IP addresses via DHCP. One particular computer I am unable to ping by either computer name or ip address which when pinging by name gets resolved. The computer has all other network connectivity(can log into the domain, see the domain list, get email, browse the web and so on) the computer can also ping other computers by name/ip address with no problems. When doing an ipconfig on the computer the correct ip address/gateway,dns  come up.
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You may have windows firewall or some other firewall blocking ICMP requests.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
To elaborate on chuckyh's comment, the Windows firewall has a specific "section" to deal with ICMP requests )pings) which you may want to have a look at on the problematic PC to see if enabled. To locate go to; control panel | windows firewall | advanced | under ICMP - settings | here you can enable exceptions to allow the ping requests, for your purposes checking the first one "allow incoming echo requests" should do it.

Other software firewalls can have similar options.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks vmamedov.
Cheers !
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