Not able to Demote a WIN 2000 DC - Operation Failed : Managing the network Session with xx Domain failed

Unable to DEMOTE a Windows 2000 Domain Controller.

I have WIN 2000 DC and I added a new WIN 2003 DC
All FSMO Roles are transfered to WIN 2003 and it is the Global Catalog as well.
Both Servers have AD integrated DNS.

The problem is, I am not able to DEMOTE my WIN 2000 DC , While doing DCPROMO, It is not able to connect the WIN 2003 DC with FQDN . It keeps asking me Enterprise Admin's Username and Password, even though I am already an enterprise admin.

Then I tried to access the 2003 DC with NETBIOS name, No problem, I can see all the SHARED folders.
Even with IP Address, I can connect to the WIN 2003 DC
The only thing is, I am not able to connect using FQDN . Because of this, Replication ( FRS Service ) also failing.

I checked the DNS entries and it is perfect and I even added an entry in HOSTS file for the 2003 DC.
Is there anything else I should check?

This is something weird . NETBIOS HELPER SERVICE is running in both SERVERS  ( Well, I did a lot of google search and tried almost everything , but no luck )

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks .
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manu4uConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Tony..

Thanks for the reply, Yup, I have SRV records and all ... I would check those things first ...

But, believe me I found the solution ...

NETBIOS OVER TCP/IP was disabled by default in WIN 2003 ...
I enabled it and rebooted the WIN 2003 DC , then tried  and it worked ..
Now I am removing the old DC  , no problems at all

For the people who comes and see this question, well , this is what I did ..

1. Went to 2003 DC TCP/IP settings, Advanced ..
2. WINS -- Enable netbios over TCP / IP    this should be selected
3. Reboot the DC

Hmmm .. !! Simple but finally I got it ...


Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:

Do you have appropriate SRV resorce records for both DCs in DNS?
Does is it help if you set W2K3 server as primary DNS on W2K DC?

Toni UranjekConsultant/TrainerCommented:
I'm glad you've found solution yourself. Now ask for your point to be refunded in General Comunity Support.
manu4uAuthor Commented:
hi Mods

Plz refund my points ..

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