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I have a DELL model TS30G laptop with Windows 2000 Professional on it. I need to reset the password because it was forgotten. I can't seem to boot off the CD drive to reset the password. When I press F2 to go to setup, there are no selections to edit manually, just a screen with some Bios info on it. How can i get this machine to boot by CD rom drive?
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ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to reset the password to be able to get into BIOS setup to change the boot order. If this is a fairly recent model, you'll probably have to contact Dell and get their help. At least if a CMOS battery removal won't do the trick, which I doubt.

Or, did you mean the windows password? There are tools for that (Ultimate Boot CD). However, if you can't change anything in BIOS setup, you may have a password problem there as well.
If this is the windows password you want to reset, then try pressing f12 at bootup. Most Dells have the boot media menu accessible through f12.
If you have a floppy try...
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