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New Domain Controller will not controll domain.

I am really struggling with a new Windows 2003 Server domain controller. I want to demote the current DC and have the new one replace it. This is what I have done so far:

1) Installed Windows 2003 Server and promoted it to additional DC to transfer all the active directory information.
2) Set up DNS and DHCP and again copied everything from the old server (also Windows 2003 Server) all the DNS entries are identical.
3) Transferred all the 5 FSMO roles first using the GUI then using ntdsutil.exe. For all 5 roles the output was that the role has been successfully transfered to the new server.
4) The Global Catalog setting is checked on the new server and not checked on the old server.
5) I then attempted to demote the old server but it didn't complete as the old server believed it was the last DC of the domain.
6) I then tried turning off the old server. rebooting the new one in a hope that the new one would then simply take over as all the roles were in place.

The new server has not taken over control of the domain. I cannot add new users and I cannot access Group Policy. I have checked that my new server is the master for the 5 fsmo roles and it is. I have even gone on to seize the roles in ntdsutils.exe but I still get the message that it "Completed Successfully".

I have now gone on to running dcdiag,exe and I have some interesting error messages:

Fsmo check:
WARNING: DcGetDcName (GC_SERVER_REQUIRED) call failed, error 1355
A Global Catalog Server could not be located - All GC's are down.
WARNING: DcGetDcName (TIME_SERVER) call failed, error 1355
A Time Server could be located.
The server holding the PDC role is down.
WARNING: DcGetDcName (GOOD_TIME_SERVER_PREFERRED) call failed, error 1355
A Good Time Server could not be located.
WARNING: DcGetDcName (KDC_REQUIRED) call failed, error 1355
A KDC could not be located - All KDCs are down.


Any help would be greatly appreciated....
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Tony MassaCommented:
Make sure that your new DC is also a Global Catalog Server.  Use AD Sites and Services to configure this option.  You must have one in the domain.  After you check the option to make the server a GC, wait at least 15 mins, then reboot.


Tony MassaCommented:
Sorry..They both should be checked....there is no harm in doing so.
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Count_CloppyAuthor Commented:
The Global Catalog is checked on the new server and not checked on the old one. When I first checked the GC box on the new server I left it 45mins before rebooting.
Count_CloppyAuthor Commented:
I think this may be a problem with DNS. Is there anyway of restarting DNS to clear any corrupt records?
I'm very green when it comes to DNS
Count_CloppyAuthor Commented:
I have sorted this issue myself. I had to transfer all roles back to the old server, re-install the new server then start the transfer all over again....what fun!!
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