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URGENT: Email Routing

Hello Experts,

We have an Exchange server setup. We setup a few users that we only want to receive emails from Authenticated users (I understand this will only pass throught emails from the local network/remote logins). Is there a way to route emails that are incoming that are no authorized? I like all emails that are restricted to go to a specific email address in the network.

We have 4 PCs that are restricted and if any of those email addresses receive an email I like it to go to a specific email address. Can this be done?

Thank you,
2 Solutions
I am curious what you want to achieve?

All email from exteranl user are routed to a single mbx is your goal/

Why do you not want user to recieve email?
If you only create an internal address and don't create a public address for the users, then they will only receive internal ones.

If there is no public email address then no email will be routed to their ecxhange accounts.

If mail is sent to user@domain.com and they don't have this address is not public the email will be bounced back saying that this mailbox does not exist.

Hope this is what you're looking for!


AS you said, settingup those users to only recieve email from authenticated users ( under delvery restriction/message restrictions in the user account) will achieve the first goal, the second goal is a lttle confusing. Do you want these users to be able to send email to external address, but not recieve email from external addresses? Because, you can also restrict this group of users ability to send email to external users as well. Let us know.
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saculAuthor Commented:

>Why do you not want user to recieve email?

It is a set of order desk PCs. I want it to be a one way communication and if any replies come back then it should go to the Order manager first to then distribute it to the appropriate person.

I have set the reply address to ordermanager@domain.com in the client, but I like to ensure that any emails coming in to those specific email addresses all go to one email address.

I do not want the emails to bounce back, just a filter that forwards the email to the specific addresses to the address of my choice.

For example..


can all send out emails.

If anyone outside the network send email to any of the above email addresses then they should automatically forward to


But if email are sent from any other email address from within the network, it should pass through.

Thank you,

Article that may help, couldn't find it earlier
You might be better off looking at this another way.
Use some kind of address rewrite tool, so that all email sent out from these accounts leaves your Org with a single address. Exclaimer can do that, there are probably others. Internal email would remain unaffected.

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