RAID 1 Drives, No Drive Letter

Hi Experts,

I have a RAID 1 setup which so far I have not used.  Drive setup looks like this:

Phys.Drive 0      C:\ System 20gb (simple)                 AND           Data [no letter] 130gb (mirrored)
Phys.Drive 1       Data [no letter] 130gb (mirrored)     AND           Unpartioned 20Gb

The mirrors seem to have no drive letters and as I am inexperienced with RAID I'm not sure if I should just assign a letter as usual to both parts of the mirror.  Will the hardware know what to do and continue to mirror the drives or is there something a bit different I need to setup?

Thanks in advance
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BrughConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2 physical drives on a Raid 1 means that you will only be able to "see" 1 of those physical Disks in the Operating system.  

Raid1 is a mirroed raid which means what ever data is on Physical Disk 1, that same data is copied to Physical disk 2 incase Disk 1 crashes.

So in the Opertaing system, you can just "partition" the free space as your normally would. However, you will only have 130GB of free space.

 - Brugh

davie455Author Commented:
thanks Brugh that makes sense, so I should just assign a drive letter to the partition in between *** below and use as normal?  It is already NTFS formatted, the only options when I right click it in disk management are to remove/break mirror, format or assign a letter.

Phys.Drive 0      C:\ System 20gb (simple)                 AND           ***Data [no letter] 130gb (mirrored)***
Phys.Drive 1       Data [no letter] 130gb (mirrored)     AND           Unpartioned 20Gb

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