folder redirection issue

we use terminal services, in a windows enviroment,  we use a administrator account to login to the servers to do our daily maintenance or what have you, this account is the only one with this problem.  the admin account in active directory does not have a roaming profile path to a folder but for some reason it writes data to it and the main user folders are on a static server, it does not have a terminal server profile path either but stil writes data to its main folder.  when ever i log into our domain server it takes the longest time.  i check the main user folder server and when it is logging on it makes multple copies of my documents to its root path folder like this:
\\fserver4\users\administrators  where admin is the username in that folder there is a admistrators documents which is my documents so i delete the contents of that folder and then login and it copies what is in the administrators main folder into the administrators documents folder and there are multple copies like this \\fserver4\users\administrator\my documents\my dcouments\ my documents etc i dont get it. any help please thanks
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Ron MalmsteadConnect With a Mentor Information Services ManagerCommented:
You need to edit the group policy object for folder redirection.
Using GPMC, select the GPO that contains folder redirection.
Select the "delegation" advanced.  Add "Administrator".....make sure you have "administrator" selected...and where it says "apply group policy"....choose deny.

Now that policy will no longer apply to the administrator. have not reversed the path for the my documents need to manually change it back to the local profile on all servers that you've logged on with Administrator.
Change the roaming profile type to local as well.
scripttron75Author Commented:
where isexactly is that, i only folder redirection under user config, windows settings?
scripttron75Author Commented:
xuserx2000, where is that first part located and also when you say manually change on the server what registry keys are you talking about??
scripttron75Author Commented:
any help will do
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