IE7 won't remember password

Everyday, I log into a website which attempts to remember my password with a client-side cookie. About 2 weeks ago, that stopped working. How do I make it remember without resorting to third-party tools? I have already tried Tools | Options | General | Delete | Delete All, then relaunched iexplore.exe without effect. Help!
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings light-blue !

Website logins are remembered by cookies. Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser.

Check if a security program like antispyware or CCleaner is deleting cookies when restarting the comptuer.

Best wishes, war1
MshineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I ran into the same problem with IE7 and Windows Live mail. Try going:

TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > Click the Privacy Tab
Try sliding the level bar down one notch and see if it remembers your password.

Switching mine from Medium to Low did the trick for Windows Live Mail.
light-blueAuthor Commented:
Thank you both. It turns out that the URL was outdated and their web people decided not to redirect to the new one (which correctly writes the client-side cookie).
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