Proof of when an e-mail is opened in Outlook 2003 ?

Is there a definitive way of telling when a user opened a specific e-mail message with Outlook 2003, apart from receipts or read/unread marks ?   It's a request from HR to determine when an employee actually read a certain e-mail.  No receipts were attached to the e-mail by the sender and e-mails can be marked read or unread by a user, so there's no definitive proof there.  Thanks. Using Exchange 2003 on the back-end.
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peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then you cannot, the messages is in a database (a huge file) and the read/unread attribute is not logged
Read receipts only work with certain mail clients but if it's internal mail and you're all using Outlook it'll work. If you haven't requested a such and if your policy allows it you can open the user's inbox from another computer  and check what messages are read but that's a bit ugly in my opinion. (requires you to be an admin of course). File->Open->Other users folder. You can also (as an admin) creat a profile for the user and open the complete mailbox.
Well, you could embed a url to your internal server behind a graphics file that will log the ip address of the person reading the email? (This is opening a can of worms... lol... don't suggest it to HR till you figure how to do it)

Anyone else?
That's not possible afterwards, that was the question, wasn't it gmudge?
gmudgeAuthor Commented:
Yes,  afterwards.  I am an admin and I can open their mailbox and see if it's read or unread, but anyone can change their own read/unread attributes. So, was looking for another way.  Thanks !
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