MS exchange Trasport error -event id 3030

I have an sbs 2003 with exchange 2003 .. we have been receving this message:
Log: Application
Type: Error
Event: 3030
Time: Aug  2 2007 10:15AM
Source: MSExchangeTransport
Category: NDR
Username: N/A
Computer: MOHKSBS01
Description: A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.1.8 was generated for recipient rfc822; (Message-ID  <>).
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518 is a fatal failure.
Unfortunately the log doesn't show enough. You need to see what NDR the sender is getting for the full error code.

SynetekAuthor Commented:
It's just a non delivery error, but messages are being delivered. I wonder why is generating the error message. BTW is not 518. Event ID is : 3030.
I wasn't referring to the Event ID error. 3030 is an Exchange message code.
I was referring to the SMTP error code. 5.1.8, or 518, depending on who is writing it.

You haven't provided much information - such as the fact that the messages are being delivered. The message appears to be sent to a Blackberry device, so I presume that the Blackberry device is receiving it.

Forced accept.

EE Admin
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