Upgrading existing Citrix NFuse web server to Citrix Web interface 4.6

I'm investigating upgrading our NFuse web server to Web interface 4.6.  I already have web interface 4.6 working as designed with our existing presentation server 3.0 farm.  The documentation for 4.6 states that any webinterface version 4.0+ can be upgraded.  I searched through the documentation for the webinterface 3.x admin guides do not show any upgrade steps from NFuse to anything current.

I would greatly appreciate any input and the steps that need to be performed to get this webinterface 4.6 running.

Thanks in advance!
hh_techservicesIT DirectorAsked:
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Hi there

You cannot upgrade Nfuse to Web Interface...
Nfuse uses java objects whereas Web Interface was configured to use .NET.

I am aware of the following article which talks of an upgrade path from Nfuse to web interface 2.1...

However it is always recommended to build a web interface server on a new Windows 2003 platform and configure fresh....

See these articles for help...

Hope this helps...

hh_techservicesIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
That's what I figured.. just checking to see if we can do it without another server.

Thanks for your help!
No problem - glad I could help!
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