acronis universal restore how to create backup

I installed acronis true image & the universal restore.  I then created a bootable media onto a cd with the universal restore options selected.  

My problem is my backup is taking 2 hours and i don't want to do this incorrect.  I'm logged in under the source os that i'm wanting to create the image of.  I'm creating a full backup image of my os on the c drive to the g drive.  My plan is to then boot off the cd I created and restore this image on a different computer.  Is it okay to create the image from within windows and then boot off the universal cd i created with the g drive in the different computer and restore?
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Actually some Version of Acronis do allow for restoring to different hardware transparently.

If this is one of the versions, then it should work OK.

As in most Disaster Recovery, you need to test.

I hope this helps !
The onl;y way this will work is if you have an identical PC same hardware etc as drivers etc will only work for the same model. You will also not be able to use both of the PD's on a network if that is what you are doing. It's one or the other not both.

What is your reason for backup abnd then restoring on a different PC?
This version will allow you to do what you want, as SysExpert says.

As long as you follow the instructions here: , then you will be fine - and the restore process will work.
salliecookiesAuthor Commented:
I needed this setup today.  Thus, I contacted acronis support.  

The answer is you can create the restore image via either windows or the bootable cd.  You just need the cd to the universal restore.  Yes you can do a backup from one pc to a different one.  That's the idea behind the universal restore, it's not a clone.  

The backup has taken 4 hours to create.   In a matter of minutes I will be done with the backup and able to commence the restore. I'll post details to help others in the future.  

Thanks to be fair i'm going to split points
salliecookiesAuthor Commented:
Yes universal restore works.  I had a p4 w/ an asus mobo  xp pro ide drives on the original computer.  The target computer was a core 2 duo w/ an intel mobo and sata drives.

1.I used acronis true image workstation w/universal restore and created a bootable cd w/universal restore enabled.  
2.  Created a full image called clone.tib of the ide drive on the sata drive took 4 hours and created it within windows os
3.  put the sata drive in the core 2 duo pc w/ a 2nd sata drive to restore the image too and booted off the acronis universal restore cd picked recovery full version w/universal restore chose the clone.tib to restore to the 2nd sata drive took an hour
4.  restarted pc with 2nd sata bootable and windows started i had to install drivers for onboard devices
Glad that we could help you out.

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