PL/SQL Records and Object Records

How can PL/SQL Records and Object Record types be used in the real world?  Any examples you have to provide would be helpful in my understanding.
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SujithConnect With a Mentor Data ArchitectCommented:
Record Types:
Say you have an Entity Set with a lot of attributes and your program calculates/derives these values based on different conditions. You can get this done using a number of arrays for each attributes. But tracking the array indexes all thru your program becomes difficult and error-prone depending on the complexity of the code. Record types comes handy here. You logically group the attributes of your Entity Set to a Record Type. So you can have a single array of records with each element holding an entity with a number of attributes.

Object Types:
Object Types are similar to record types, in the capabilities of holding multiple attributes, it has extra features that
- you can have object types as a column in a database table.
- You can create object type tables
- YOu can associate methods with object types n so on
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