How to configure Outlook Web Access with 2 Exchange Servers 2003 Enterprise within same domain?

I recently started a position managing an Exchange environment.  The first server when I started is running Exchange Server 2003 Ent and Outlook Web Access works fine.  I built a new Exchange Server running the same, but Outlook WA will not work.  I tried everything I found on the internet and Experts-exchange, but have yet to find the solution.   I only have 5 users on the new Exchange server, but I need to be sure that users can access their email through the web before I continue any further.  I cannot afford to take down the original server because of email availability.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  David
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You have two choices.
Either implement an Exchange Front End server or use two URLs; one for each server.
You cannot expose the first server to the Internet that has mailboxes on it and at the same time publish/redirect OWA for the others.

So, what do you want to do; FE or two URLs?
davidmhouseAuthor Commented:
I implemented the 2nd server as the front end server, but then nobody on the original server could access their email via OWA.
Are you sure that you enable the frontend server correctly?
Was the second server fully patched to the same level or higher than the original server?

Assuming your terminology is right about you having "moved" five of your users then you haven't correctly set up. Did you perhaps just give these five people a different URL to go to rather than "move" as in "move mailbox"?

One thing that may well stop OWA working when using the FE is that you need to undo any requirement for SSL or Form Based Authentication. The BE should just have plain old Integrated Windows Authentication really. The BE should have the SSL on it (the BE must not have SSL) and the FE should be the one with the FBA activated.

Focus on that for a moment and get back to us.
Malli BoppeCommented:
On a front end server you can't have any mail boxes. I don't unserstand how you enabled as front end server with mailboxes
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