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How do you apply the effects of a Sharpening Stone in World of Warcraft?  I tried dragging it to the weapon in the character window, but can't figure out how to use it.
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Sharpening stones are weapon buffs (timed enchantments), you can stack them so if you have two weapons you can add a sharpening buff to each giving you a +4 damage (if you use dense sharpening stones you could get up to +8 damage!) AND they still seem work on weapons without an edge so you can buff staffs, maces etc the same way although they no longer work with ranged weapons.

Use them like any equip buff, right click the sharpening stone in your inventory and a hand will appear as your cursor. Simply left click the item you wish to enchant temporarily, your character will perform a standard 3-second cast, and your weapon will be buffed.

If you have a mod like WeaponRebuff then a left mouse-click rebuffs your weapon with the last known charge/spell, while a right click opens a buff selector of available buffs and charges for your weapons.
Also note that when applying a Sharpening Stone to a weapon, any pre-existing Sharpening Stone buff will be overwritten.  For example, if a weapon has the Sharpening Stone buff effect on it with 12 minutes remaining, applying a new Sharpening Stone effect on the weapon will overwrite the old effect, reseting the buff back to 30 minutes.

By the way in terms of the comment regarding stacking, keep in mind it stacks to the point of "per weapon".  If you are dual wielding two weapons, you can have a Sharpening Stone buff applied to each individual weapon.  This is not to be confused with applying another Sharpening Stone buff to a pre-existing one, because as stated above the present effect will be overwritten.
Only being picky :P

"AND they still seem work on weapons without an edge so you can buff staffs, maces etc "

For non-edged weapons you need a "XXX weightstone" which is a pattern learned at the same time as the sharpening stone ones, same mats + a number of the required level cloth.
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