increase eclipse heap size

I know about the use of -Xmx for increasing jvm heap size.

when I launch eclipse, it is launched by simply clicking the eclipse application. No java is called. how do I apply the jvm parameters in this case?
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CPColinSenior Java ArchitectCommented:
In eclipse.ini, in the same directory as eclipse.exe, you can specify parameters to pass to the Java VM. My eclipse.ini contains stuff like this:

bhomassAuthor Commented:

windows exporer says it is a configuration setting file. I did not realize that is a .ini file. I thought .ini has been abandoned.
Or you can create a shortcut to the actual eclipse.exe and add the following in the target:

"D:\Program Files\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -jvm -Xmx256m

Here the max memory would be 256M
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