Notification envelope not showing when rule moves mail to other folder

I don't get the notification envelope when I get an e-mail that gets moved from the Inbox to an e-mail folder "next to" the Inbox by an Outlook rule.  When I look at my Outlook screen, it does show that folder in bold and the count of new e-mails, but the problem is that unless I keep maximizing the window to check, I don't know when a new e-mail arrives.

This is my rule:
"Apply this rule after message arrives from (address of sender) move it to the ECode folder."

ECode is a folder at the same level in my Mailbox as the Inbox folder.  I don't want a desktop alert, just the envelope I get with e-mail that gets delivered anywhere else.

Any ideas?  I tried doing the Detect and Repair, created a new folder to test with and nothing.  

Thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately this is by design so to speak...I know you said you didn't want the desktop alert, but this article explains a way to create a rule that will do it; or play a sound; or something which would be better than having to expand the folder to look for new messages =)

Section named 'It only works on the Inbox folder'
cheluto2Author Commented:
So, no way of having the envelope show up?  I wonder why it worked in previous versions but not now.  I had tried a method similar to the one in the link, but that does not solve my problem.  I can't have the desktop alert and my computer at work has the sound turned off, so that won't work either.  Thanks anyway, and if anyone else knows of a way, let me know.
It's definitely possible...using the same procedure but calling a script (instead of playing a sound or displaying the alert) - and that script programmatically triggering the envelope icon. Just haven't figured out how to do that yet....I'll keep working on it.
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