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I need joomla frontpage solution, to change standart joomla frontpage. Prefared with tutorials.
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Would you clarify what you want to change Joomla Frontpage to?

To change what is displayed in the frontpage  -- login in administrator screen, and go to "content" > "frontpage manager"

Here, you can change the order of the content set to be included in frontpage.
To add content to frontpage,  go to content manager, and make sure "Front Page" has check mark on that article.

If you want to show modules on the frontpage, go to Module Manager--click the module you want to show on the frontpage...and then choose "Pages/Items" > Mainmenu: Home (or any item that is set first on Mainmeu")

If you want different module placement on this page than other may need to modify your template to fit your vision.

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