I have a server with 8 cores and i plan to run 2 images using VMWare Server.  Should I specify that each images use 1 or 2 processors to get the most performance out of each image?
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i dont believe so, the server is basicly wrapping the phisical hardware i dont think its abstracted far enough away from that to use all the avaliable cores to emulate a single core
yeah new vmware supports 2 cores so it would definitally help to use the maximum
menreeqAuthor Commented:
if i assign it only 1 core per image won't vmware server spread it out through all 8 cores?
I just recently went back to the week long VMWare training.  This was a question that I asked specifically.  The answer is that 99% of the time the answer is definitely no.  The whole point on VMWare is that servers do not have to be tied to a physical setup.  

What are the VMs, and I may can help with a recommended setup.
I also have a lab that we test in before we roll out anything so if you have a special setup I might could find the time to test it for you.
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