Files taking ages to open as Word still looking for old server

i have users reporting that when they open Word docs on a file and print server it is looking for the where the file used to reside.

we used to have an nt4.0 file and print server called - "Server1" for example.
we then migrated to a new 2003 server called "Server2"
all the files reside on Server2 and Server1 does not exist anymore.
when the users try and open Word docs from Server2, at the bottom of the Word window (gray bar) it says "Contacing \\Server1\sharename\..for information"    etc etc
then a status window appears telling me it is "Opening \\Server1\sharename\templates\"
so it must have some link to a template that does not exist anymore.

The files do not reside on Server1 anymore and eventually after approx 4 minutes they open.

I have deleted all content from the document and saved it as a blank doument, but i get the same problem....

Can anyone tell me how i can stop these from looking for the old location old the file?
and why would a .doc be linked in anyway to a .dot anyway?
One problem I have is that there are thousands of files, so recreating and resaving them is not an option.

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naifyboy123Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
no help here then.....(ironic) thanks!
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
are these files offline. how do your users open these doc's is it a mapped drive ? do the files open fine if you access the \\server1\share and then open the file ss?
naifyboy123Author Commented:
they are not offline...
they have a mapped drive using a login script to a parent folder which also contains files which do not have this issue.
the same thing happens if i use unc at run - they take ages to open.
i copied one of the word docs to my pc, took my pc off the domain and removed the network cable and still got the issue.
therefore, i beleive it has to be something to do with the make up of the files themselves.

naifyboy123Author Commented:
just an idea - maybe i could email one of these docs to someone who could try opening it and see it they get the same issue - it could help diagnose where the problem is.....
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