License Problem: How do I play downloaded Urge tracks on second PC?

I bought songs off Urge on my main PC.  I want to play them on my laptop, but it says I dont have a license.  They play fine on my PC.  how do I get them to play on my laptop?  I own the songs (bought them individually for 1.00 ea)
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Does your laptop have the same regestered  name account and regstered windows version as the deskstop?
Same windows media player version? on each pc?
From Urge
Can I burn music that I download from URGE?
Yes, but you must purchase a copy of the song or album first. Copies of music you download as an URGE All Access subscriber may not be burned to a CD.

Transferring Music from URGE to a Portable Music Player
How do I sync my tracks from URGE with my portable music player?
The first time you connect your portable music player, URGE forms a "Sync Relationship" with it. You'll see your portable music player listed in the left menu tree, and all the songs, playlists and Feeds with "sync rights" in your library will automatically transfer to your portable music player.

You can also manually sync with your portable music player by right-clicking on your device in the left menu tree, and selecting "Sync." For more information on syncing, please see the Windows Media Player Sync FAQ.

Please have a read through, I have provided some headers  of topic I believe may cover your questions.
read me for WMP 11
Protected content cannot play if Windows Media Player 10 is installed on a computer that already has a beta version the Windows Media Format 11 Runtime installed.

Digital media files must be in stored in monitored folders for media sharing to work properly in Windows Media Player 11. This helps to ensure that your Library and shared media are up-to-date if digital media files are deleted, changed, or moved on your computer.

It is possible that when syncing, your portable music player needs to verify the licenses for the music you are transferring. To clear this up, make sure you are signed into your account.

Remember that before syncing a track to your portable music player, you need to have subscribed to an URGE All Access To Go subscription plan. You can also purchase the track and then transfer it to your portable music player. For more information on syncing,

You could  play them in your media player then record  them using mp3mymp3

A User's Guide to DRM in Online Music
They're probably protected (DRM) wma files. DRM is so unpopular (your point taken) it's being phased out. There's only a couple of things you can do with these problematic files: you can google for some software to 'repair' any faulty DRM files (how diplomatic is this?), or you can use what is called the 'analogue hole', which is quite legal for back up copies. You cannot sell or re-distribute back up copies.
You just play the song out through a good souncard onto something like a minidisc recorder -- or any digital recorder. What happens is that your soundcard converts the audio to analogue, which cannot carry any digital info including DRM. You can then re-import or re-digitise those files as required.
You won't be able to hear any difference in quality, despite what any space cadet audiophile tells you.
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